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Niagara Falls weather information for travellers coming to Niagara Falls Canada.

The most comfortable weather conditions in Niagara generally occur from mid May until mid September. Our peak season (and the hottest months) are during the months of July and August. After Labour Day weekend until towards the end of September, the temperatures are still mild and it's the ideal time to arrive in order to avoid the crowds. October into early November are usually the best time for viewing the Fall foliage.

Dressing for the temperatures:

Spring: Generally temperatures can vary from 5° to 19° degrees Celsius (41° -  66° degrees Fahrenheit). Nightly temperatures range from -3° to 8° degrees Celsius (26º to 46° degrees Fahrenheit). Bring a light jacket, umbrella (it can rain a fair amount), and comfortable shoes. You'll want to take in the beautiful landscape of Niagara via hiking the Gorge during this time!

Summer: Daily high temperatures range from  21° to 25° degrees Celsius (75º to  81° degrees Fahrenheit ). Nightly temperatures range from 14° to 17° degrees Celsius (57° to 63° degrees Fahrenheit). Bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses! Forgot your sandals at home? No problem. We sell comfortable shoes at the Canada Trading Company on Clifton Hill.

Fall: Daily high temperatures range from 8° to 22° degrees Celsius (46° to 72° degrees Fahrenheit). Nightly temperatures range from 1° to 13° degrees Celsius (34° to 55° degrees Fahrenheit). There is a chance that it could snow, so make sure you have a heavy jacket on hand!

Winter: Daily high temperatures range from -0.9° to 2° degrees Celsius (30° to 36° degrees Fahrenheit). Nightly temperatures range from -8.2° to -4.2° degrees Celsius (17° to 24° degrees Fahrenheit). Dress warm! Hats, gloves/mittens, scarf, heavy jacket, & Winter boots are requirements.

Niagara Falls Weather Forecasts

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